On Plans and Choices

We all wake up everyday and decide on our breakfast, what we’re going to wear, and who we are going to communicate with on that day. Choices. They are in our control always. We know who we like to communicate with, who we eat our lunch or dinner with, and what our day is going to look like.

Yet, what happens when things don’t go our way? We become uncomfortable, and for many of us it creates anxiety. Yet today, I learned a lesson that keeps re-occurring in my life. I wake up, visualize my day, and things start to go on a different route. Most of the time I go along with it, because it’s usually me changing my course for the day. Today, it wasn’t just myself, I was part of a group and what we wanted to do things as a whole. I was with five other people whose plans would be affected, and I went with the flow. We were all going to the same experience, and the weather wasn’t cooperating, and so we decided to just hang out around the city in case the weather would change. Yet, what I loved about our group was that we didn’t push each other to go do other things…we were all hoping it would end up at the concert. There was hunger, thirst, you name it…but we were all cautious of doing things that would take us away from the concert when it got reinstated, which it did. We kept checking on other venues and we decided on nothing. One of the girls told us that the concert was back on… and we went back. We had an awesome time. Lesson learned: Have plan A, B, C, D and then go back to A, if life allows you to go back. Some things aren’t that easy, but nothing says that you can’t go back to where you started off. You may be surprised, but it’s your choice to stick around until something gives…

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