Push Yourself

I was a sophomore in college, and decided to visit friends studying in Mexico City during that summer. We went on a road trip to Acapulco…even stayed at a mansion overlooking the ocean. What an adventure!

On one of those starry nights by the private pool, I admitted to my friends that I didn’t know how to swim. One of them decided that he should teach me by pushing me in the 10 foot pool. He figured that I would get scared, and automatically begin swimming. Theoretically, this sounds possible. In reality, I sank. I saw darkness. I closed my eyes, and my mind went blank. Arms pulled me up minutes later. I started breathing. The friend who saved me is now a doctor. The friend who threw me in is now a psychologist.

I didn’t realize that I had sank all the way down. They waited for a bit expecting me to rise up. I didn’t.

Although, I was upset at my friend, I realized after that I needed to learn to swim. I am not a good swimmer now, but I no longer sink.

The truth is that it was a very important lesson. I see many people who are afraid to “sink.” Afraid to do anything. Fear holds them back from doing things. They sit at the edge never doing anything– waiting.

I have learned to throw myself at things– yes– I am scared. I sink a lot and learned to rise over and over. Maybe not so graciously all of the time, but I stay afloat. So many of us sit by the edge of the pool — never enjoying the water. Yet, if you don’t push yourself — you may get pushed. Are you ready for that?


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