The Soul vs The Ego



 I finished a culinary program about three months ago. This has opened many opportunities, and new doors for me to go in as many directions that I choose to go in life. It has also exposed me to what I call people who are all ‘ego.’ A lot of us who are some type of artist like to get feedback, which in social media translates into ‘likes.’

I recently attended a talk with the author of Eat, Pray, Love named Elizabeth Gilbert. She has published a new book titled, Big Magic, a self-help book on how to create and be creative. One of the things that she spoke about was how people now-a-days let the ego take charge. We post something on social media, and watch the number of likes and comments. If we don’t see a good response in number of likes, then we may feel like we have no impact.

Of course, I will admit that I have done that once or twice before. However, I have learned in my many years of being a ‘silent’ writer that I don’t produce for the masses. I have always kept my creative side private. When I do share my stuff, I’d like to think that my words are being read by the right people. This also pertains to my cooking and my services as a ‘new’ Chef. When I enrolled in this culinary program, it was not to earn the title of “Chef.”  It was to learn technique. Many of my family members are Chefs as they cooked for their communities. However, I felt that I wanted a place where I could learn something to make my life as a cook easier. Yet, in this new journey, I started to get many opinions and much feedback on type of Chef that I should be. The kind of work that I should do, the multiple areas that I must go into. How my food should look, and should be… It has taken me time to explain to others that I know my roots, my history, and the type of cook and food that I want to put out. Maybe it will make some people doubt me, but I am confident of my skills. I went into a program with my soul, and left with my soul.

This type of mentality continues to also expose me to people who walk and do things with ‘soul.’ They are my teachers, fellow Chefs, and artist friends. We take opinion and ‘likes’ lightly — because we know in our hearts what we put out there is not for the masses. If we do reach the masses, then it is a blessing for those who receive the message and enjoy our creations. I’d like to think this is a better way to create. Blessings to all of my fellow creators who do things with soul.

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